Tuesday, September 12, 2006

me and the day with network monitoring

been spending a little time to find some networking tools. the set of tools range from traceroute to port scanner, from the one i can use to the one that i can't, from the useful to the plain-useless(nonetheless interesting).

the one that i can use:
iptraf(check host and bandwith on the gateway),
tcpdump(it pretty much comes with a *nix)
nmap, my favourite portscanner,

the one that i'm stuck
nagios, always stuck with some error

mrtg, not sure how to use
netwox, too many option not sure how

the interesting,
xtraceroute, it is traceroute that also trace the route on a globe. traceroute is useful, but tracing on a globe is not. but still it is interesting.

maybe i'll add my updated set of tools here.

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