Friday, January 19, 2007

windows utilities

when you use windows, there is time it is useful to have some system utility to use. i just found a 'few', that is quite useful:

this is a website where, the author have combine a set of windows utilities into a 14Mb file, zip file. so you can put it into your pendrive.

another useful one is sysinternal:

that you have to download one by one.

not that i like windows, i'm not, in fact i'm an linux user(penguin rocks man), but sometime i have to face it. not to brag, but linux have this set of tools comes in by default. lsof, netstat, tcpdump, top, iftop, touch, i can even cat the /proc directory.
most unix have utilities build in too, just some of it different than those on linux.

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