Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Server Project: The Adventure With Longhorn

So now one of the team member have installed longhorn beta 3 on the web server. Not me, I'm not a big fan of m$. Anyway, since he have done that, I just have to make use of it don't we.

First impression, it is really made with using .net in mind. Which is not really a good thing for us. because, the college website, is written in PHP. And we don't have time to migrate it. And more importantly We have no one with enough knowledge in to rewrite the website.

So now, PHP don't work, and mysql is installed, but didn't really try it yet. Seems working.

But sometime, there is warning on permission, by then don't seems to have enforcement. Which to me strange. By then I used to linux, but not much on windows server.

The lesson here, when decide on the platform. We have to think a few times before we make a decision. Like us, we don't have a website working(yet). Because we are new on windows server, and we are using stuff that is very new. And we have to relearn it, at the wrong time.

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