Tuesday, August 14, 2007

fix up wireless on opensuse, and some thought on it

One of my friends is having problem getting the wireless working his laptop. Which he install opensuse 10.2 and the wireless is a intel ipw2200 card. The thing is the driver is open source, but the firmware is not. So it is not installed by default. And he have no internet connection yet, and only have 5 cd, meaning no non-oss cd. This will be a bit tough.

Since I have basically use suse for the first time, second time, first is 9.2. which i use for a short while anyway. First thought, when boot up, it shows a graphical grub menu. More importantly, it shows an option to boot opensuse on xen, which is cool. Because assuming he uses only the default, it means that virtualization is free, comes into opensuse as an option by default. And the interface is ok.

On the other hand, unlike ubuntu, they didn't come with the wireless firmware, need to install manually, which is a pain. And I can't get use to the Yast configuration. maybe i got used to apt-get. It is a bit confusing to me, because I got used to the way kubuntu do things.

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