Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Google App Engine Adventure: Thought

The application is really, simple to build, if not because of I forget to close a { on the template, it really would take an afternoon. But really i'm not ready to upload this yet. This really show me, how it works.

What really cool to me is:
1) The datastore api, is really nice, it is somewhat like django, but is not. So it really nice to work with, because of the way query and stuff. And flexible in query because it can use GQL.

2) The template is nice, I just like shorter program.

3) The webapp framework, is easy to understand to me. The fact that it map request to a method, as handler is really nice. Make it easy for me to think of what happen when the web application runs

4) I just love python.

What is really nice to have:
1) Would be really cool, if there is an option to create CRUD ala rails. Meaning when you create a migration in rails it automatically generate a form. Would be nice to have such capability

2) Have ajax support is nice. When I write the program, I thought that it would be cool, if I am able to generate the day selection from based on the month value selected. Because currently I use range method, it is ugly, but simple enough, but really full of bug. By then javascript would work too

3) Have helper to input data application. For example, when I use a DateProperty, it is kinda pain, to create a value from input from template, to insert into that DateTimeProperty.
Or since we can't save pictures to filesystem directly, it is not a bad idea to have a helper, to help insert and retrieve a pictures using the BlobProperty. Just to make it easier.

4) Not really important, why not bundle google's api such as GData into app engine. Sure make things easy to create mashup.

But still, it is kinda fun, coding the an application using the sdk, since it is python. But I think I will need to fix up more of my application before I upload it.

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