Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to run a community project(aka what I learned from barcamp)

After slacking over the weekend. Here is a new post
This is what I learn during barcampkl, and have many part copied from barcampkl post mortem.

Barcampkl is in a way doing well. Of course it can be better. But this is not about blaming, nor it is just about barcamp. Here is a do and don't for a project similar to barcamp, probably hackerspace and other events as well?

  1. Accommodate a variety of audience, it one spice things up, and it opens up ideas. During barcampkl we have a variety of topic, and I have learn a lot, because of all the topic is new to me. We also miss out the tech community. We need to balance the audience.
  2. Provide sufficient infrastructure, during barcampkl we have enough room, which is a good thing, we have more input, and a place to hang out. We also have lousy internet connection, so hackathon didn't goes as plan. Also loud speaker.
  3. Give(take) roles and responsibility, even in a loosely structured hierachy like in barcampkl, we need to have one person to take responsibility. For example on the web contents, etc.
  4. Accountable, the big idea is, we need to know what goes on. Have a accounts that is viewable. It is also fair to people that contribute
  5. Keep a inventory, we have our own stuff, during barcamp, we bring own stuff, and also stuff that is sponsored. As In 4 we need to be accountable
  6. Have backup plan, during barcamp we are lacking in vga cables. It is better to be safe than sorry. 
  7. Give credit to where the credit is due, in the case of barcamp, give credit to sponsor. Of course other contributor
  8. Communicate a lot among members, we need to know what happens.
  9. Have a roaster.
  10. SHARE!!!! We have a slides on slideshare for barcampkl
  1. Commercialize an events, people is at events like this to learn. So marketing talk is bad.
  2. Make own decision, have a concensus. Don't change anything such as schedules. Most of the time anyway.
  3. Make some people do work, till it misses some session they want to join.

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