Saturday, August 29, 2009

Software Freedom Day KL

Software Freedom Day will be started in KL real soon. This year, we try to do something different. We will try to get unused but usable PC, then install Free Software on it. And give the pc to those in need.

The main event of SFD KL will be training, and install-a-thon. 

I still can't decide the date yet. Because 19 September is the day before Hari Raya. Which will be a long holiday for a lot of people, so SFD will not be held like others. I hope to do it either by 5/6 Sept or 12/13 Sept.

So what do we need.
1) Old, Unused, but usable PC, or PC part. We promised a few, already.
2) Volunteer that is available.

The first meeting is Sunday 30 August 2009, at 6-7pm, in Burger King, Mid Valley KL.

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