Tuesday, February 09, 2010

FAQ for Chinese/Lunar New Year 2010


 ****Will definitely change during the get together*****

0. About this FAQs
1. On relationships

2. On career

0. About this FAQs

0.1. What is this FAQs about?

This is to answer, the common question asked by relatives during the New Year Get Together

0.2. Why?

Because, it is usually the same question, and I usually give the same answer
(truth, it is mostly for the lulz, I hope)

0.3. Disclaimer,

It is meant to be funny, nothing serious. Which most probably fail........


1. On relationship

1.0. What is the usual question on relationship?

- When is your turn to give ang pao?
- Got girlfriend or not?

1.1 When is your turn to give ang pao?

-  Not Now, Bad economy....

1.2. Got girlfriend or not?

- Got someone you can introduce to me?

1.2.1. Why still not have girlfriend?

- Because of here and here 
- Because there is a bigger change of winning toto(so I concentrate on that instead)

2. On Career

2.0 What is the usual question

- What are you doing now

2.1 What are you doing?

- Programmer, writing codes
- print "programmer"
- #("ongettogether").html("programmer");
- Let see how I can explain it in lay person

2.2 How much do you make?
- Not enough to give out an ang pao :-(
- Which is why the angpao is really important!!!

Now I hope to see FAQ from everyone else that celebrate the lunar new year

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