Sunday, April 25, 2010

android, foss and geeks @ #barcampkl 2010

BarcampKL 2010 just ended yesterday. It is a pretty awesome with many geeky talk, me as a geek, like it. 

Yesterdays BarcampKL feature a few first in BarcampKL, 

  1. we have the first podcast of This Week In Asia, and it is pretty awesome, it is something of a talk show with audience, now transmitted to cyberspace thanks to p1 wimax(aka the sponsor of BarcampKL)
  2. First time in barcampkl, we voted for talk. Where everywhere else, it is there already. And interestingly it serve as a check and balance of the talk. So we ends up with pretty interesting talk
  3. For the first time, I've seen Jedi vs Ninja.... What really happens is, KageSenshi was in the room where somebody brought a Light Saber, and kagesenshi teaching some sword fighting technique. and the other guys, practice their light saber skills. lolz
What is notable for barcampKL,

  1. Android hacks, member of Code Android malaysia, showing a android controlled robot, using a g1 and arduino. With python. No worry, the robot is benign, it still not a rival of the Governator. 
  2. Time management by kaeru, i surprisingly learn alot
  3. Ditesh enlighten us with javascript
  4. Project Nimbus the Geeks On A Train in Singapore, they have manage to convence the government on singapore and some company to release data and using Open Data Protocol, they releases data to be used. 
  5. Nginx talk is awesome too. 
  6. Cookies and Cupcakes, that is real tasty!!!!
There is plenty to take away from barcampkl. Things to learn, things to do. So this year, it is awesome. 

p.s Code Android Malaysia, thanks for make me doubt my decision of getting a n900(luckily didn't buy yet)

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