Saturday, May 22, 2010

New job, now beginning(?)

So I have change my job, which is interesting in many levels.

For one it is one of the very few python development shop in malaysia, which uses a open source stack. It is the first time I involve in a enterprise development in coding side. And probably need to get used to a structured environment unlike the web startup i involved not too long ago.

First thought is, I probably need to know more of django, because they uses stuff that I didn't use before, the web startup i involve switch to a nosql store because of flexibility. The company project using django south, and uses part of django that I didn't use before. But than django can be big....

So I think that would be a interesting experience........


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM


    You changed your job again, counting backward from bank->local startup->new job?

  2. a programmer also, but a different type of environment.

    it is backward, because from a local startup back to a normal day job, it does have some weird feeling in it