Sunday, June 27, 2010

A day in unix-g33k @ #hackerspacekl

One of the big project of the year in hackerspacekl is unix-g33k. the goal of unix-g33k is to expose geek/geekette and non-geek alike on unix, particularly on freebsd. The workshop done in Suresh. And organize with the help of hackerspacekl particularly Sniifit and Brian Ritchie,.

The workshop covers basic OS concept for the first day, with Suresh prepared a VM running freebsd that allow us to access it via SSH for playing around. Today session itself is enlightening, while it is also serve as a reminder of the OS course i took in uni, with some extra stuff that Suresh give that involved that stuff involve the real world.

The attendee is from various background, most from IT, some runs their own business. And doing a session on a floor is a real interesting experience, kudos for the organizer for preparing more plug points for the participant, and the session is not formal, and that is always a good thing.

After the session just hang around in a coffee shop nearby. And discuss all geeky stuff.

What to look forward to for the next unix-g33k session? It involve more practical hands on freebsd. More deep stuff.

BTW the photo is here, thanks to CLchow,

**ps, no pics again, no camera sorry.

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