Thursday, December 08, 2011

What Can't One Do in #CPB2011

From this link

If this bill is pass you are not allowed to

  1. Fix your friends computer, that is considered practice of computing. And you need to pass an examination for that anyway
  2. Write your own mobile app, iOS or Android, because you need to proof that you can
  3. On top of that, you probably don't have a service provider cert anyway. You can't sell it on the app store and android marketplace
  4. So if there is new code being written on the internet, you probably cannot use it for service. Because there is no certification for it.
  5. And you can't use anything that is new, to provide a service because you didn't register it. 
  6. And the term of service is wide, you now can't sell your software
  7. Write instruction on your blog on the software
  8. You can't publish an web app, that uses your new found knowledge. 
  9. Tweet about problem
  10. Rant about the problem
  11. Commit code to github, because you are not certified
  12. Report bug, because, you didn't register that you know about other software that you use
  13. You can't even learn new technology and share your knowledge
  14. You can't share your idea, because you probably not qualified for design work
  15. I am not allowed to setup my own server at work, and have to wait for other to do it, and worst if I am the business owner, I have to pay more. 
  16. You can't even publish code unrelated to your service on github, because you are not a registered expert on that subject
  17. You can't give input to forum on solving problem
  18. You can't be a generalist. Now you need 1 sysadmin, 1 database people, 1 server people, 1 javascript people, 1 css people, 1 artist, and 1 backend guy(not sure how to split it up), 1 tester
  19. You can't write your own unit test. Because you are not a certified tester
  20. You can't do mockup
  21. You can't do prototyping on your own
  22. You can't do javascript, so no ajax or what not, because there is no cert
  23. You can't do html, because there is no cert
  24. I can't do python as a service, because there is no cert
  25. I can't even use sql, because I have no cert

Just among those I remember. Could be more


  1. projek kecil xada masalah..kalau projek juta-juta yg melibatkan tender gov mungkin ada masalah...sama macam projek renovate rumah dan reban ayam vs projek mega buat jambatan la...buat reban ayam dan renovate rumah xpayah register dgn board of engineer, nak buat bangunan 100 tingkat dan jambatan 10km kena la register dulu....same goes to reparing TV and designing a plan for the whole taman perumahan punya wiring...the second need you to be an profesional enginner which has Ir. title....

  2. IT is different than engineering. If you look at the bill, we cannot provide any service at all, big or small without certs.

    It is not about being curi-curi or not. WE DON'T WANT SUCH A BARRIER FOR THE FIRST PLACE