Thursday, September 13, 2007

me and my flash problem

Currently I'm living quite happily on 64 bit world. Java works well, open office is there, so is most open source game. The only problem now is flash.

Firstly, adobe do not have 64 bit version, which I have to resort to installing 32 bit browser to make it work. But now doesn't really work because, there is no sound after installing the latest alsa to make my sound card works properly.

Which I comes with a few plan, plan A is recompile the driver and change the makefile on
alsa-lib by add -m32 on the cflags, change the directory. let's say the plan don't work well.

plan b is to use gnash, which close to useless, because you don't work at all, so it google video.

So now i am stuck with flash with no sound. Which hopefully will be fixed on gutsy. Since gutsy comes with the same alsa version as mine currently used.

on the other hand, I should really spend some time studying.

update, realplayer don't work too, on 64 bit.

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