Monday, September 10, 2007

me and my new laptop: the issue

basically there is a few issue on my laptop. one basically it is a 64 bit computer running a 64 bit OS. You just got to love unix, not their design per se, just flexibility. But few issue that i resolve.

First, running flash, basically there is no 64 bit version. So we will need to run 32 bit version of the browser. Which me being morbidly lazy try to find solution. Which resulted in:

basically this nice person wrote a script to automate, the installation of 32bit browser. With flash etc.

Second, there is issue of the on board sound card, one, produce sound when i put in the head phone, and second i cannot use it to record sound. the audio input is broken. the solution is basically compile it. the solution is basically this.

but there is the catch. the ia32 version of asound, and alsa-oss does not reflect the change. so the result it flash now have no sound at all. i still try to figure out how to compile it.

Lastly is my wifi. an broadcom card, 4311 to be precised. but the firmware is not supported by the ubuntu stock kernel. not on the stable branch either. but on current development branch. which i think i will wait. So currently the solution is to used ndiswrapper, and use the driver from dell. it works like charm, except i can't sniff wireless traffic from it.

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