Monday, December 03, 2007

kmobiletools revisited, now on kubuntu gutsy

Not too long ago, i describe ways to use kmobiletools.

now it's different, the function is still there, except now there is kbluetooth. Which is a kde utility to connect with your bluetooth device. Originally I thought everything is automated with it. I am so wrong.

So here is how to make kmobiletools working on kubuntu 7.10 gutsy.

First you need to get your bluetooth address of your phone.
This you can get by type this on terminal:

sudo hciconfig scan

actually you need to edit, 1 /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
on terminal type:
sudo kate /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

in the file, add the following

bind yes;
device "your bluetooth address"
channel 1;

then save it.

now start kmobiletools, kbluetooth should ask you for the pin, just enter it.

Now, if your phone is supported, you should be able to read sms, dial, sync your contact, etc.
I think sync contact is standard, so is save sms.

But still, i cannot send sms from my phone. on the other hand, able to backup my sms is nice. And still didn't test dial from my phone, don't think is working. Because my motorola phone, is not supported well.

Still it is a nifty utility to use.

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