Tuesday, December 18, 2007

playing with simh: running altair 8800

One of the consequence of reading "Fire In The Valley", is the urge to run an Altair, even an emulator is good enough.

Last post involve, installing simh on ubuntu. And links to download.

The first part of my altair 8800, is to get the os and software to run. You can get the software of altair here. I'm not sure, how to run the original 8800, which uses the 8080 processor. But the z80 version of the emulator works.

The links have the have the emulator, and cp/m2.2 bundled together. And other software. Since I already have the emulator, just download cp/m2.2 .

This is the cp/m shell, aka the dos shell

To run it on ubuntu, unzip the cp/m 2.2 folder. And at the same directory, run the emulator. That is open terminal type, altairz80. It will open the emulator. Then under the sim> shell, type "do cpm2".

On windows, just unzip the cpm2.2 zip file, into a directory, and put the emulator there too. To run the emulator, click on the emulator, then type "do cpm2"

And well play around, with basic

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