Friday, January 04, 2008

Fun with python: web development with Django: part 2, a little overview

Like many framework like, ruby on rails. Django have a set of utilities.

First thing first,
- This is the main admin utilities, it have everything from start a project synchronize database, generate sql, shell, run the server.

just call it in shell
this will show, the set of options and parameter startproject name
this will start a project. Which will generate a directory, with the settings file, which map url to your application, and

- This is another admin utility, I didn't see much difference detween this and but in most django tutorial, we manage our project, with
in the project directory, in shell
it will show a set of option, similar to

to create new application
python startapp application-name
this will create your application, the stub of models in, views in

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