Friday, January 04, 2008

smb4k: a kde utility to connect windows share on linux

When you use linux, there is a few problem, one of it is, using windows share folder. While many distro have bundle plugin for their default file manager, like kde's konqueror, and dolphin, and gnome's nautilus. At least, ubuntu have did that.

Sometime, it just nice to have utility for browsing windows shares. smb4k is one such utility. It's a utility that is used to browser windows shares. It features, a network browser, a search function, and a configuration manager for your samba. And yeah did I tell you, It mount shares. Meaning, once you are connected to a network, it will automatically, mount the shared folder, you can access it, like any folder.

Let say, I think it's refreshing to have another way to access a shared folder, than to use the default file manager. And comes with the nice features too.

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