Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Epic fail of WirelessKL, and wireless in izzi restaurant

My Boss was treating us, since today is our break. My bad habit breaks in again. I brought my laptop to go online, since izzi restaurant, wifi is free supposedly. Here's what happen.

They is 2 access point, around the area, that I should be access. 1) is the izzi restaurant, 2) wirelesskl. Which I face several problem.
1) Izzi restaurant, was posting in front of the restaurant, there is free wifi. Which
first I have to register,
second, after I register there is a note said, it is provided, for customer that purchace a certain amount.
third, it is not working at all.
2) Wireless KL,
An epic fail, I can't even connect. Nice try Wireless KL, but it failed. Seriously fix it already, I can't use it in barcamp

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