Friday, May 15, 2009

Leaving Jurassic Park aka Scope International

Today will be my last day at work.

Finally I'm able to say, good bye to the Dinosaurs in my work. Tech Dinosaurs and other Dinosaurs. So long to cobol, bye-bye mainframe. Nice to meeting you all, probably this will be the last meeting. You all will (NOT) be missed.

Honestly Cobol, I really cannot stand you have only Global Variable, not to mention horrible syntax. Who On Earth still use "move data into variable" in their code or have a full sentence as a loop like "perform x until y is equal to z".

Mainframe(System-Z), you're a strong guy. But really having to run program via batch is pretty crazy. And you suck at giving me place to write script. Suck at automation!!! What On Earth is the 8 Character limit. JCL is use in batch, but WTF with the syntax!!!
Maybe one thing I really say goodbye to. Is probably bad working culture, and over specialize in a software package, instead of fundamentals. Or probably working in something I am not passionate on. Or being treated like a robot...

Technical speaking, there is still thing that I can bring back. REXX is one, it is promising as my other scripting language, with port on linux and windows, and with special features such as integrating os utils as part of language. That I can use.

Others is experience involve in a role in maintaining large software, probably even testing itself. Rather how not to screw up, hard. And understood that it is really a pain to use a legacy apps. And needs of automation.

Really I learn how to please your subordinate from my line manager. And contact of my lunch buddies.

Really I wish to say goodbye to someone, but i leave the idea off. Hopefully it should not be long for me to forget about her. As I have tonnes to work on.

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