Sunday, May 17, 2009

Public Wifi in KL: FAIL

I am in Lowyat with Ubuntu loco for preparation of the launch party.

So while I wait, I try to use the public wifi. Which is from 2 provider. The first is, klwireless, the other is from

The thing is, klwireless fail, totally. Partially my fault, because I forget my password, and my security question. But there is no way of reregister a account, without a new phone. So until I get a new phone, I can't use klwireless anymore.
And fail because it don't provide service anymore.

And starbucks around the area, don't provide own wireless anymore.

What I found interesting is, if somebody is serious providing wireless in KL. They should make it free, and why on earth do i want to register for the first place. Sickening, sickening

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