Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Setting up a python environment on windows

One advantage of working in current company each got a laptop. But like most IT company in Malaysia, it uses windows. In the job I ssh to a linux dev server for work, for personal project in python to be done locally, and setting up python on windows is a pain.

The common way to install python on windows is

  1. download python from
  2. install
  3. setup the path
And repeat the process for setuptools, and virtualenv, it is a pain because not just have to setup the path, and have to go to a page to install it.

Another way is to use active python. Which is free, and their community license is pretty acceptable. And the best of all, it bundle with easy_install, pip, virtualenv and the path is done for us properly. You can download it here


  1. Why not a VM? Btw, it's a machine for your work, not personal project ;)

  2. a few reason,
    1) the virtualbox download page hates me, never able to download a it
    2) and vmware server is not meant for use like the old vmware
    3) there is time where a local development environment is useful,

    /me plan to save enough for another machine...