Friday, September 24, 2010

SFDKL The Key take away

While we didn't do a lot during Software Freedom Day, we do have a interesting informal discussion on how things works in Malaysia. When Ashik and Rajiv is asking how the open source community is like in Malaysia. To make it short, it is real sad situation.

Apparently in Kerala, schools is required to teach open source, along with others. There is a active community, with some of the community involve in Open Source Related business, too do their part. For example a computer distributor that with request from user willing to ubuntu on the computer with reduced price. Will charge for proprietary OS. And they actually have a install fest.

For Malaysia, the case is different, school don't teach. And people can't see the viability of Open Source Software related business here and the govt just paying lip service to Open Source. Among other problem.

Short take away, we have a long way to go. But from the discussion, it seems that, the best way to promote open source is to start a business with it, and make money, and make it a case study.

BTW: Thanks for hackerspacekl for the space

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