Thursday, March 03, 2011

My First Day on Android Scripting

I got myself a android phone not that long ago. One reason is, it is pretty amazing piece of hardware. Unlike iphone the SDK is available on major OS, including linux. One of the many stuff I installed is SL4A, Scripting Layer for Android, and the python interpreter for android.

One cool thing SL4A do is, we test the code remotely from a python. The wiki page have a good explanation on how to do this.

One of the first thing I play around via the python interpreter on the laptop

import  android
droid = android.Android()
data = droid.getNetworkOperatorName()
print data.result
The api page have a lot of information, so that is one place that one should look. 
Not much of a program nor a post, but yeah it is a start of something beautiful. I hope


  1. good luck my friend go search explore and don't forget to eat hahahahhahah

  2. actually i ate too much, lol