Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Remote Control your android with Airdroid

So I found this free android app, which allows remote control an android phone using a web browser. Once the app is install, you can start it pretty easily, with the url on displayed on the app. 

What you get after open a browser, is a desktop like interface where one can use it to do quite a lot of stuff. 

You can manage app from it, it install by redirect to the android marketplace web interface, but you can uninstall using the application Icon.

You can manage app install

You get a file manager that manipulate your sdcard, you can copy file from the PC, using the import button, and download the file using the export button on the file manager. 

File manager like what you use in normal desktop OS

Write or reply sms
There is also photo, and musics on the browser, view the contact list, etc. It is really have a lot of feature. 

For a free app, this actually offer a lot of stuff. For a webapp, it sure look like a full blown desktop. You can control the apps on the phone, but it is ok. It is useful enough for me. 

The app is free on android market place, https://market.android.com/details?id=com.sand.airdroid. I recommend that you guys try it out. 

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