Saturday, November 24, 2007

kde's Keep, a nice backup utility on linux

It turn out that i got a bunch of files that i need to backup, many are work related, some personal stuff. Either way I lazy to have to manually backup my files, in an interval.

It turn out, that linux have many backup solution. Which I just used the one comes with my distro. KDE have a utility called keep, which help automate and keep track of you backup. It comes with kubuntu. Which is good, because I was not in mood to download files in the internet.

And it's actually quite easy to use.

This is the interface:

select your directory to backup:

select destination, it is similar to above, but this is where you want to store your backup, in my case, just my usb hard disk:

and configure:

just a few clicks, and the job is done. Very useful, for the gui oriented user. To view you backup list, just click on "edit backup list", you can reconfigure your backup there.

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