Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the server project: lesson learned again, aka why server usually have no gui

One thing that we realize from the server project. Is well, it is a resource hog. Put it simply it eats memory for breakfast lunch and dinner, probably even supper and tea too.

One thing i noticed is, webmin can take lot of memory, by then so is mysql, and apache.

One thing is, many of the gui program and the desktop interface, takes quite a lot of ram too.

So it is probably safer to remove the gui, than the server we installed.

Or i could just type "init 3".

case close. one thing i realize that, the one reason why server usually have no gui is, gui take resource. especially now linux desktop comes with desktop search, and eye candies, that take memory for breakfast lunch and dinner. so now it is not a good idea, to have gui in a server that server over 500 people, for their internet. security is not really that bad of an issue.

so next adventure now involve, reducing memory usage, and take away all the unnecessary stuff. which i think not much really.

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