Saturday, May 17, 2008

The training + 1 week

One realization after one week of mainframe training is,
  1. Mainframe is a very different animal, it is not what one would call general purpose, not as flexible than say a server, or PC.
  2. The OS require one to think in a very different way, like there is no file as we know it...
  3. one could say, it have many behind the scene, enough to not to trust the system, one would wonder how security works.
  4. And the software have backward compatibility in mind,
  5. Which resulting in, certain process which is very arcane, like JCL
  6. Certain software certainly look very ancient. Like the z/os interface. Again JCL.
  7. But some very flexible in a way, like the VSAM........
  8. And some have interesting features that other place don't have, such as the data set editor. Or in stream data in JCL(By then who do things like JCL anymore)
  9. But it is really a hassle, to do certain thing, like one have to create a data set, before one can use it, I mean most programming language today actually able to create a file automatically not needing to give the low level details.
  10. One would certainly appreciate UNIX design, or it just me get used to it. Or it just as I say, it is a different animal, for a different task, with a different design.......

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