Saturday, May 10, 2008

Was doing job training

Got a job, 2 weeks ago, but really after some mess, got it last wednesday, been through training, again, yes i have been through a few training for the last 4 years. So training again..........
And It is in a bank, or something like that

Then begin introduction of the mainframe system, today, on a saturday. Yes weekends. Learning, which one cool thing is, finally got a glimpse of a mainframe.

Did I just said mainframe, yup, it is. It is a cobol job on a mainframe. One just realize, running a mainframe is not easy, there is limitation. It is a totally different concept than, PC. Architecturally, system design. For one there is not file, or rather it have file, it just look somewhat diffent. One might consider it a dinosaur. It is different than what I know. What really strange is, I played with lisp, I don't think lisp is strange, but cobol and z/os, make me feel strange.

Maybe the I got used to studying hacker text, like the tao of programming. Maybe I just curious.

Now I have to figure out how to balance the old me, with the current me. Maybe I have to have a personal project using, mainstream language?

p.s Will be too busy, so it is have for me to blog

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