Monday, May 05, 2008

Hardy Heron+ 5days

Last week was doing a dist-upgrade from ubuntu 7.10 gutsy to ubuntu 8.04 hardy.
Here is what I found.
1) Not many new features, i mean visible one. The few are,
- policy kit
- pulseaudio
- firefox 3
- desktop effect on kubuntu
2) A few things don't work well, for example,
- ndiswrapper: It take some work around to make it work. it revolve around unloading the ssb and ndiswrapper module, then reload ndiswrapper first then ssb.
- Firefox 3: don't support all the plugins.
- kde4: the one in the repos don't work well, it works, with pulseaudio applet too, but, for some reason, gnome-panel seems to run at the same time.
3) Generally, most work better, more stable, But ubuntu don't have shutdown button any more, hmmmm

The verdict is, it is a worthy upgrade

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