Saturday, June 07, 2008

Changed into streamyx

My dad decide to change to streamyx broadband, which is a pain to install on ubuntu, for some funny reason the network manager didn't detect properly the modem. Second, they give a useless installation cd. And make mistake assume that we need to dial a number. Which They didn't!!!!!!

So now, the end result is, I now registered with second life, which I will need to take sometime to hack out some script on my free time. And realize that there are not many vendor support linux, in the mmorpg side. But it's fine, I don't play much anyway.

But I still have a few plan with me, one is, getting a wireless access point, I saw a version from d-link that runs linux. Which is good, because it would be hackable, maybe after I burn the firmware. But probably not hosting a server yet. The electricity bill is heavy now, probably a adhoc one but not a permanent server.

By then it is suprisingly fast, maybe people in my community is not that tech savvy. Which is a good thing.

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