Saturday, June 14, 2008

Opera 9.5 on Ubuntu hardy 64bit

Opera is one of the very good browser one can find, it is based on standard, and but proprietary. And have a few interesting features that others don't have. Such as the speed dial

The older version of opera, do not have a 64 bit version. 

Now that, opera just release their latest version, now it have a 64 bit version. Previously I have to have a 32 bit compatibility environment. But now it work out of the box. 

Not much changes I can see really. It seems I missed a lot of thing.

One thing I do like is, now rendering of certain page is correct. Which is good. And of course 64 bit support. Speed dial, that is one of the very nice features

One I don't like is, the opera widget don't really work, I wonder why. I kinda missed that, I save my bookmark directly to from firefox. But can't do it in Opera.

To be fair, opera is unique in its own ways. It just that I missed one or two features in Firefox 3.0 in Opera, such as typing keyword in address instead of partial address. Compared to IE7. Opera is a lot better. At least I can save the page I visited, when I close the browser, like in Firefox 3.0, but unlike in IE7 that annoys me.

Suddenly the widget work again, facebook and twitter widget, that is certainly interesting!!!

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