Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thought of my web accounts

I noticed today that, I am really into, the web 2.0 thingy. I mean, I have 3 social networking account, 2 active, and I swear I have more. I have twitter. I have tumblr(which I forget my password). I have 2 blog. And a few instant messenging account.

Some is useful, I have friends which uses facebook, the rest use friendster. I have those who swore by live messenger. And some stick with Yahoo messenger. I got overhead, when I have twitter. Which I am the only user among friends. Or secondlife, which I am the only one. I don't have much friend who blogs. Though a lot go for forum.

The thing is, this is useful. But provided, one, you have other friends that use it. And probably that is the only way, to know, what is new among friends. But really, Second Life while cool, but, really to be useful, it is social in nature. Without friends join in. It pretty much meaningless.

Maybe this is a sign that, I really need a life?

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