Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barcamp Malaysia: Day 2. Final until the next barcamp

Final is interesting. I am chilling most of the time.
1) Open Source The way forward.
Ditesh Kumar have a good talk in Open Source in Malaysia, and many things i don't know is there. And good introduction to the open source community.

Make me want to join the community more. 

2) Mathematics in The web
It is a bit on the fails sites. Maybe there is not enough explaination, and very philosophical. Maybe not many familiar with advance math involve.

3) Lightning talk
Why my attempts in Stand Up Comedy can be describe in 2 words. EPIC FAIL!!1!!!!
Many have shared their knowledge and adventure. Some with p0rn stashing, some in RPMs, some in open source electronics designs. It is good.
 And the Parody of Web 2.0 By Eugene. IS VERY GOOD!!!!

I hope to join more of this, activity. To the Barcamp Team Nice Work

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