Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finish the cobol training: The postmortem

During the training. I found out a few thing.
  1. My programming skills is getting rusty. Throughout course, I produce some worst code, with the worst design.
  2. And I cannot work under stress, which is bad. Because my working environment is like that
  3. I really cannot handle global variable. Especially when you only have that to use. 
  4. mainframe is hard to automate stuff. 
  5. in fact, jcl can be a pain.
  6. but able to see other ways system works is interesting.
  7. and cics is really interesting to see and work with, surprisingly familiar!!!
  8. and ibm book is important!!!!
  9. still I really prefer, more open, modern development platform, aka linux and other open source *nix, and their programming languages and tools
  10. now i need to rest

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