Friday, July 04, 2008

Trying to get a wireless router

I am surveying a wireless router on the market. Only to realize that, suprisingly these router is quite cheap. I can get one for RM149, in Mid Valley. And found a linux router from dlink(or was it linksys) for RM2++.

The thing is, I don't just want a wireless router to use. Yeah true that I want to get one. But just buy a router to use is not satisfactory. What I really want, is something hackable.......

So what I have on my list is.
  •  WRT54GL. The old WRT54G, don't support third party firmware anymore.
  •  There is a netgear have recently release wgr614l. Which openly support open firmware
Otherwise there is, a table of hardware from openwrt.

Which goes to another problem. I want my router to be moddable. But yet, I am lazy. One one hand there is Openwrt, which is a linux distro, with many package. Including python!!!!. On the other hand there is tomato. Which runs linux but, it is pretty much just a linux, with other package. But easy enough for most people to use.

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