Saturday, March 14, 2009

BarcampKL: I'm SO There

Barcampkl will be held 4th April, in Inti College in Subang Jaya.

Barcamp is a event where everybody share, and learn. It is an unconference, where, everything is adhoc. The participant, tends to be tech people, and entrepreneur, but previously in Barcamp JB, we have a number of non-tech and non entrepreneur topic, it is also not commercial.

What make barcamp different is, it is organize by volunteer, and topic is from volunteer. It is free. And everyone is a participant. This is not  just a (un)conference, it is also a place to network with people. And you shall see, why we are all a fun loving people.

So if you want to learn, or have knowledge to share, come and enlighten us.

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