Saturday, March 07, 2009

Recipe For Disaster

You will need:
1) A PC with
- Less than 256MB Ram
- Less than 20GB Ram
- Windows xp
- Not maintained properly
- with usb disabled
3) All sort of application that will be needed for work
4) A team that don't always do maintanance for the machine.
1) Virus, or worms, trojan
2) Outlook client

What to do:
1) Just use the  computer as is.

When you know it is ready:
1) You will run out of space. Windows xp, might not tell you that.
2) You cannot delete Email in Outlook, because it out of space, >.<||
3) The computer will slow down.
4) Antivirus will not run, because it run out of space, btw, with space full, there should not be new infection

1 comment:

  1. wow..who's computer is that?
    btw, have u ever try out windows 7?
    the boot time freaky quick!!