Friday, March 20, 2009

Hate to fix PC other that my own.....

The problem of being a person that "knows" computer, is that. People just expect you to just fix the computer.

It is a problem especially for Asian, because it is rude to say NO. If it is not bad enough:
  1. We might not have extra stuff, like keyboard, monitor, etc. We actually rely on google too, so we need the extra gears
  2. They just assume it is easy to us
  3. They just assume we have windows disk, which I don't. Worst IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHARE.
How we can fix it.
  1. Force computer literacy to people. I hate to listen to people saying they don't need to know. If they know the basic of fixing car, what stop them, from learning the basic of computer.
  2. Give open source software to people, until proprietary software is more stable, and more affordable. Then problem will happen.
  3. If they are going to send computer for us to fix. Bring the WHOLE THING. Stop just bringing just the casing minus the keyboard and stuff.
Just a thought, just a rant...


  1. Just say No. *shrug*. Learn the Asians.

  2. That's hard isn't it.

    Especially when relatives comes in