Sunday, December 06, 2009

End of The Year Post: Community Attack!!!!!

** Long random Story Alert **
As usual, I just continue with a series of community events around me. Which is really interesting. Because some of the community is really a new one.

So some of the usual one is barcamp. Which is really the same. Though some of the geek among the barcamp community will give a more active role in the future.

As usual I am involved ubuntu-my, they are a official loco. And I have involved a little in mscosconf with them. But probably this is a last year I am involve with them. Or not let see...Since I change my os anyway. And I get cozy with fedora my...Which is a very technical community.

And have started. We are a community of python programmer in malaysia. Which is an interesting community. One reason is, we are a programming language community. Consisted of user of both proprietary and open source software. We just join an learn the language. We also have our first big project with student. Which is pretty cool actually, me thinks.

So for some of the open source group in malaysia, many have happens. And many have get involve in universities. Which is very interesting to see. Though I really rather to see more synergy within all the groups.

So the tech community is getting active. Though, the community is growing. But the thing is, we don't just need to grow. I really think that some of the community really need to grow up. Attitude is a big problem for some. But generally it is interesting to see the community exist.

And we have a few that just started so stay tuned.

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