Sunday, December 06, 2009

switching to opensuse

opensuse is ok, it is linux, anyway so most is understandable..

With all localization build in, with many program. built in virtualization support(who don't provide that anyway in linux). Filesystem encryption support, with apparmor. plus with LVM. Plus all the enterpricey stuff like LDAP client etc.

wireless don't just works without tinkering. YES THANKS FOR THE TROUBLE BROADCOM. ATI will sucks so i don't bother using it. Python version is not the latest compared to ubuntu. but I use django mostly anyway. LVM is not as easy to setup, but I get the hang of it, you just need to make the the unused space as LVM, and resize it later.

Now please just let me do use my computer peacefully, I am just sick of have to be in between the stupid war between ubuntu and fedora....... So this is a small price to pay to avoid the annoyance in the community.

Though compatibility will sucks, but that is the job for xen(or kvm depends when I want to switch)


  1. Compatibility will suck? How so? XEN is XEN no matter which distro you use, plus openSUSE has a XEN+PAE kernel. Pretty cool considering many are still using 32-bit machines but would like some more RAM.

  2. the work environment is using a different version of python. but since now that i tried the work environment, it seems to be ok. for work related, no vm is needed..

    on the other hand, there will be problem of me doing work on google appengine, as opensuse do not seems to support python 2.5 anymore.

    now i try to install a guest os from a xen image. try that again later. I have no experience in xen anyway. just for sake of learning.