Wednesday, December 02, 2009

End of The Year Post: Environment Change

**Random Rant Alert**

The big thing that happens around the year is a change of environment. Changing from working in a cubicle to working at home, it is pretty, liberating.

This is due to the fact that I actually quit my job. Which a reason to feel good. For some reason I don't seems to match in the environment. Not to say that I learned nothing. There is some lesson I can applied from working in legacy software.

But currently my job don't seems like a job anymore. It is more like playing around with codes. And unlike the bank, I have finally goes to a environment that I familiar with, aka linux, with a programming language that is a fun to use(compare to what I use in the bank anyway). aka Python.

It is a good thing, a good that that I am now in a environment that I can learn, and play at the same time. A environment that is never boring. and full of challenges. A dynamic environment is probably good for me. This is different from the bank. A price of being safe for the business.

I actually begin to wonder whether this is a good thing. For some reason I don't think I can join the local software company, until I do the current project of mine.

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