Friday, September 24, 2010

SFDKL The end

Software Freedom Day was held in PJ, Malaysia Last week at Hackerspacekl

The event itself draws a small crowd, I wouldn't call it a party, but it is a start(of a new thing I hope).

The guys that comes much later

While things don't goes as planned, and the LAN party didn't happen, video screening starts much later. And we have a Coffee session and Lunch Session, so we ends up with a very informal discussion. Especially with 2 very interesting gentlemen from India working in Malaysia, which also involved a lot in Open Source Community in their home town.

Rajiv and Ashik from India

The session starts with the screening of Code Rush, after lunch

Code Rush, video Screening
Then introduction of the unix-g33kz session on hackerspacekl

Then we ends with another round of coffee session.


  1. finally see u upload the pic...

  2. yeah not often i post pics on my blog, but then it is mostly codes...