Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Digest of what happening

Been busy with assignment, and job interview, and some time to check application, and either here is a summary of what I have done.

Multi thread download on linux
one thing that windows have but linux doesn't is a multithreaded downloader. But now they have
dfast like most open source project it also runs windows, and uses a frontend written in wxwindows in c++.

It is a bit crashy, on my ubuntu box, it does make download faster. You can get from too

Job Interview
Noticed that, really malaysian job really don't use python, damn..............
There mostly involve in java, and vb(yes, the abomination), at least I can do java, even though it is a bit hackish

And after 2 interviews, I realize a few thing,
1) my programming is getting rusty, really need to refresh it, begin to wonder how people respect my programming skill........
2) I didn't really learn enough, so I'm not into enterprise programming, until now, seriously java is not what you call a fun language to play, it is a language for job.
3) My sql is getting rusty(wait that is number one)
4) probably i spent too much time in server room or having fun, but that keep me motivated. That's make me sane to be a programmer(i think)
5) My java is rusty(oh wait that's number one too), i can hack stuff out in java, provided I have an IDE(aka netbeans or eclipse), and google
6) Really after a career talk from a big computer company, I really really cannot stand corporate culture, must be spending too much time reading dilbert or my nightmare from my industrial training, or watching too much pirates of silicon valley

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