Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What happen........

Long time didn't add stuff to blog. Basically, many thing happens.

1) Basically my gout is back,
2) I got involve with a job interview, which hopefully I will get through, it is not often to find interesting job in Malaysia.
3) And assignments.
4) On the positive side, other than job interview, I finally retired from the server project, and finally able concentrate on hobby and stuff.

After what happen, what I have done, well,
1) dabble with lisp, very interesting language, might dabble more after assignment

2) Put slax on my pendrive and external hard disk. Finally. Either way it is easy to install, on pendrive, except bios is a pain. But it is not ready for most people yet, but easy to customize is a big point.

What to look foward to,
1) Documenting my slax adventure, didn't really start using it yet.
Maybe I try customize it. Or it will turn into one of my many unfinished project.
2) Actually finishing a project.


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  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I'm glad someone in Malaysia get interested in Lisp.

    (format t "Hello, world!~%")