Sunday, March 30, 2008

eyeos: open source webtop
eyeos, according to its website is a new kind of operating system. Well I have my doubt on that, one it rely on other OS for it to run, and require a webserver. Not a stand alone OS, but like an OS, it provides library to write application, a kernel to control the process. And like an OS it provides applications too. What really not like an OS really, it do not feature a development environment.

What interesting to me is, everything is written in php, does not require a database, and well some application have barely enough features. Also it is dead easy to install, as long you have php and a webserver it should work. But it have tendency refresh many time, have to check out th server.
I personally think that it have it uses, but really not much, probably as a frontend for web hosting? I thing lively from sun is more interesting. On the other hand, lively don't work well on other browser yet.

Either how, it is interesting.........

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