Sunday, March 02, 2008

Make windiws unix like using cygwin

Got involve with a job interview, in a way, need to use windows, it is a job thingy description thingy. After using linux in a while, I do not take long to ask why windows not unix like. Scriptable using bash, It does not long either for me to try to look at cmd, only to be disappointed.

On the other hand, before I switched to linux 4 years back, I actually have a unix environment, using cygwin. Cygwin is setup a linux like environment for windows. And actually provide api, to emulate linux, provided you need to port it.

Either way it is linux like, almost, some of the command don't work well, like ps -aux, or ps -A.
But it's close enough, for some. But windows environment is still not linux like.

You can get it much.

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  1. ya cygwin is a great tool/suite. Also if you dont like to use the windows command prompt kind of cygwin console and wish to use putty for the cygwin install, you can use puttycyg

    // Jadu