Saturday, October 11, 2008

a linux guy on vista, part one

Not too long ago, the family PC, fried. So, since the hardware pretty dated, and it is still use windows 98. And an unused linux partition. So i just get a new PC. Which surprisingly ok, in term of spec. And since no one but me, use linux, so it is a vista.

And vista is surprisingly fine, nicer interface, just a tad nicer than xp, but seriously can't we do that in xp. It can preview a windows on taskbar, like, by then beryl have it for sometime, 3d desktop switching, which xgl have it. Really, desktop widgets, which even konfabulator have it, and also linux desktop have it too.

So really, it is not much novelty factor here, unless you only been using windows for sometimes. Worst there is more thing that annoys me like. Desktop effects which annoys me on linux have been disabled on linux, and why on earth I want the same effect on windows. There is no multiple desktop by default. I actually have to google to hunt for software. Which is what is the last time i do it. I miss the fact that on pidgin on linux, everything I types is spell checked. Not much on msn messenger etc. How to auto login to the system anyway.

Really, I don't think It will replace linux as my primary desktop, I tried, but i tends to come back to linux, to do real work. Epic fail, not quite, but vista is not great either.

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