Saturday, October 04, 2008

Contemplating getting a PC aka hell froze over

My computer is fried, not my laptop, or rather, the home pc, a 4 year old machine, is fried, I think only the power supply dead. By then the PC itself have many problem, usb is a mess, cd-rom unworkable, still using windows 98, and the hard disk capacity is low, with the rate of them filling up the mp3, I am seriously consider changing the whole thing.

What I learn here is, because my family member don't use linux, I do have a linux partition there, but it seems that they still use windows 98 to load websites. And consider that many sites begin to demand ie6 and more, i think it need a better OS, and because nobody else but me using linux, it had to be any windows available. Yes I know Hell Froze Over.

And the licensing is enough to drives me nuts. I mean, you have a OS, that cost a bomb, which don't really do more that previous version of the same OS. And not to mention the Productivity Suite that is expensive. And the software it self, cost half of the computer. It is nuts.

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