Tuesday, October 28, 2008

adventure @ digital mall , and the interesting conversation

I was surveying for laptop, at digital mall, in a very rare occation where, I am able to go home at 6.

Which I am able to found an interesting, the U60 from gigabyte, interesting machine. Gigabyte provide linux driver too. Key is weird, but it is relatively cheap. But RM 2160. But still interesting.

But interesting part is, conversation with the sales person. Well, I am asking whether formating the machine, will void the OS. Which he ask why. Of course, it begin to be interesting, when I say, I use linux mainly. He was like giving me a stare, or ask why, or say linux is hard to use.

Been there, through that......

Just love IT sales person reaction, when I say I use linux. You know, I might actually get that machine, when it is christmas. Probably not at digitalmall PJ, because they the sales there is mostly not friendly.

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